Launch Homecare – Introductory Year-End Pricing

For the first time ever, Launch Homecare, the brand new company founded by entrepreneur, Daniel Stringer, is offering its “Start-Up Package” to entrepreneurs around the country for the lowest price ever. The package includes 4 days of LIVE training, tools, resources, forms, and manuals – essentially everything you would need to start your own home care and assisted living placement company. To get in on this low, introductory offer, you must sign up before December 31, 2014.

Launch Homecare is unique in that it includes all of the benefits of a typical franchise but without the downsides. The company doesn’t require large franchise fees, ongoing royalties, or territory restrictions. As the senior care industry has become one of the fastest growing industries in the country, many franchise systems have been created. But Launch Homecare believes that, to be successful, you don’t need to buy a franchise. With the start-up package that Launch Homecare provides, you will receive all of the same benefits but won’t find yourself paying 6-figures in royalties years later when you become successful.

To get started, watch our FREE video series, “Write Your Success Story”, to learn more and to set out on your new path towards owning your own home care and assisted living company! Watch Here.

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